Too beautiful to Smash | Names

My daughter’s beautiful  Hungry caterpillar Smash Cake, too beautiful to smash!

Thinking of what to name your child is probably one of the most memorable part of Parenthood. After all, the name that you will give to your child will be something that your child will bear forever. So when we thought of a name to give to my daughter, we have chosen “Natalie”.  Although it literally means “Christmas Day” while she was born on a hot August afternoon in Kuwait, her name is special for us. So on her first birthday, we made sure that her name is written on her  first Birthday smash cake.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Smash Cake for my daughter Natalie

My daughter loved the books by Eric Carle’s The very Hungry Caterpillar and she was so delighted when she saw her cake. Her eyes showed so much excitement all the more when she was able to touch it, poked it, and eventually smash it .I chose this theme because she is totally in love with the caterpillar character and by now, she even memorize the whole story. She had a caterpillar Tutu dress,a huge Hungry caterpillar cake made by a Dutch Artisan baker,and a garden of Oma & Opa decorated with the caterpillar balloons and buntings. We even had a giant strawberry Pinata to complete this theme.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar 1 JAAR Birthday Cake

Someday, when she is old enough to see the photos of her birthday, she will learned that out of millions of kids named “Natalie”, for once, she had a special Cake and a smash cake with her name in colorful yummy fondant letters celebrating her wonderful milestone of her first 1 year of life.

A beautiful cake, a smash cake too pretty to smash, a special name, one milestone, and a yummiest cake for her 12 amazing months, 365 Delightful Days, and 8,760 Adorable Hours and 1 Perfect Year!

This post is in response to this week’s  Photo Challenge |Names

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