Window Shopping in Kuwait

Window Display in the Souk al-Kabeer in Kuwait

Window shopping and sighting in Kuwait is definitely a treat.It certainly gives you a window of the local culture. From the posh window displays inside the high-end luxury shops inside the Avenues mall  up to the cosmic traditional Souks, the sight of unique display could bring a smile on your face. Take for example this particular display inside the Souk Al Kabeer. For Kuwaitis on the bigger sizes, it certainly offers the suitable clothing for a fact that there are no changing rooms inside the Souk.

Kuwait is ranked first with 42.8 %, Saudi Arabia (35.2 %), the Kingdom of Belize (34.9), Egypt (34.6), Jordan (34.3), the UAE (33.7) South Africa (33.5), Qatar (33.1), Mexico (32.8) and the United States (31.8) when it comes to Obesity and overweight people.

Kuwait’s love for fast food is one of the factor of the obese lifestyle. Where else can you find where there are more than number of Burger chains you can found in such a small country. Even the Starbucks giant is located almost in every corner. From my neighborhood before alone, we have 4-5 Starbucks within 500 meters range!  It’s no wonder that Kuwait also has high rates of Stomach Stapling than any country–Another American branding that landed on Kuwait.




3 thoughts on “Window Shopping in Kuwait

  1. Ah Timo, thanks! I agree w/you . That would be a shock to the locals since even getting something from the ‘Bakala’or the convenient store in the street takes the storeman to hand in the orders..The Kuwaitis would just honk their cars ! On the other side, nobody wants to cycle in the heat, no cycling paths, and the cars surely rules the road.Totally opposite here where my 75+ neighbor still do groceries by cycling and very active! They always traveled across Europe but the only influence they get is food & fashion! Lol

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  2. Wow…super interesting! Although I’d argue that obesity problem or no, that mannequin ain’t sellin norhin to nobody haha. At least I personally don’t look at the overweight mannequin in that shirt and think Yeah that fits…but maybe that’s just me rofl. Makes ya think. Xo

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