A Touch of Frost

A Sunday  quiet walk leads me to this white scenery.Quite unexpected, everything is covered in white, crisp, and baby frost. My steps are echoed with a crisp sound, and it seems that I am disrupting the physical coma of the grass every time my shoes stepped on them. It was a cold morning,as same as the previous days,but not too cold for me not to put on my jacket and head out. December greeted us here with frost, and sharp chills that cut through my cheeks whenever I am out. Today I am glad to have a breath of fresh air and see my favorite spots in this town, noting how the season changed them. Everything seemed to be changed overnight, like there is a shadow of enigma on everything.

What I loved about my Wandertags is that its like a book that in every chapter, a mystery  unfold its own story.  My October Spells is so much fun to looked back and yet, I have enjoyed the Summer Blooms as well. Just like this season’s frenzy Christkindlmarkt and  Adventkalendars, it’s a surprise every day. I started these Wandering though Walking photo-series last Summer and I was amazed by how much nature brings out its best every time we have a close encounter when I’m wandering by foot. It has been good so far. This is one of the things that relaxes me, walking and exploring at my own pace.

Envelop ideas in a cold , frosty morning.

The trees are already bald, scalded with the harsh cold and the leaves are hugged with frigid icicles.While they bloom in Spring, these cold months will reveal their best character. I passed through the hilly side where we used to run down last Summer and noticed that it’s also covered in white frost, I can’t help but to smile. It made me think that it would be nice to sled out there soon..with high hopes.

These wild berries looks so delicious, yet so fragile.
Frosty December in Bavaria :  A flower covered in Frost

There’s still the beauty that beholds me whenever I stared at them.I needed to see them like this so I can admire them once again on Spring. They are covered in frost, but they are not forgotten. Just like the fiery last Sunset I had for the month of  November, I am still bent on chasing the sun throughout the rest of this year.

Keep Calm and enjoy the Frost !

At this time of the year where I count the remaining more days before the year ends, I just quiet my heart and remind myself that even  nature has its own course of showing things, how things are done, without stressing my self-out, without my interventions. But for now, Keeping calm, and enjoying the frost is the call of the hour. Today, it’s another Wandertag to  remember, a touch of Frost in the morning, a kind of morning to recall once  I venture out again.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

This post is in response to this week’s Photo Challenge | Relax

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