Magical Evergreens

Magical  Evergreen – the only plant that has leaves that stays green all throughout the year.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

The days are getting colder & colder. I am now enrolled in the course and art of layering. There’s a sharp chill that I am not used to but I am getting through it beautifully. I grew up in a tropical country and spent almost a decade in one of the hottest country in the world, so cold is not something that I am not familiar with. The same thing with real Evergreen plant, or the tree used for famous Christmas trees or as Germans called it Weihnachtsbaum or Christbaum. We all know that Christmas is one of the biggest holiday celebrated by Germans and now I know why.

I didn’t know that there are so many types of pine trees here in Germany– right in front of our garden stands a giant one, almost every 400 meters I see  beautiful shrubs, line of  Evergreen conifers, my favorite so far, and there’s the spruce, pine, fir and all others that I don’t know the names! Among all the bald trees now in the woods, they stand proud, lush, resilient, like a wizard who awaits for his time to shine.Its leaves stays green all through out the year,no matter what the season is.I remember arriving in Germany last summer and these Evergreens already enticed me. Seeing them for real is like walking in the field of dreams.

Now my dreams are slowly coming into reality.

The market square slowly turning into a magic land– building the Christmas stalls and ice skating rink, all in preparation for the upcoming Christkindl Markt or Christmas Market. Call me crazy but the sight of these and pine trees gives me pure excitement like a kid.When I looked into the shops last week, I ogle and drooled at the beauty of the ready-made Christmas tree and decor displays, all so gorgeous! So hard to choose, and also so  very expensive.

Finally, our Evergreen conifers

But now, I love the fact that we can have real Christmas tree, I can make my own wreaths, and garlands made out of real Evergreen conifers and pine cones. There’s something about its needle-like leaves, its scent, and the feel beneath my fingers that I haven’t experience before.

Pine trees, Evergreen shrubs or the special  Weinachtsbaum, or whatever you call it, during this holiday season, they become special and transform into something magical.

When was the last time you had a magical moment with  SIMPLE things you have seen for the first time?

This post is in response for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge |Magic

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