Chaos after the Hunger

Like Fish? – A Red Snapper in sweet & sour sauce

What do you call the aftermath of a sumptuous meal?

A chaotic &  messy sight? I call it simple pleasure . Hunger satisfied. Full tummy. Everybody  ate with gusto!

Photo details : This photo was taken in of the unique Seafood restaurant in Kuwait, it’s called ‘ Fish Market’ situated along the Arabian Gulf and beside the Kuwait Towers. You can choose your type of fish, veggies & other ingredients from the open market inside the restaurant  and decide how to cook it.

It is worth the wait since it’s all fresh & unique. We choose this Red snapper to be cooked with sweet & sour sauce and indeed, it was a great meal. Chaotic & Unique.

What type of dishes could make you eat with chaotic delight?

This post is in response to this week’s Photo Challenge | Chaos

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