Just write them on the water | H20

There’s a famous old Filipino saying  “Isulat mo na lang sa tubig “ (or Just write them on the water) . This phrase literally means;  forget it or erase from your memory ,or swipe it off. The thing is, any beautiful memory from water is too good  to forget. Unforgettable.

I just can’t write them on the water.

It lingers in my memory. It stays there & from time to time that I see images which relates to the place of bodies of water that I visited, the memories are enliven. I still remember how the water bubbles up in the crater of Taal Volcano that I visited last summer. The serene calm waters of the Mosel River viewed from the castle ruins in Landshut. I have fond memories how the waves play their music on early morning walks along the Arabian Gulf while the birds stand by the shore,awaiting for the sun to shine.Last week, I have the wondrous time chasing the Fog along the banks of the River Danube.

Every single encounter with H2O is unique. Every single memory of water is precious.

These certain H2O memory. Unforgettable as always.

My Postcard memory of a Lake early this morning.Unforgettable, once again.

This morning, we cycle along the lake and I had to stop and take a photo of the water’s reflection in the water. Such a view that totally made my day.The crisp Autum breeze, the grey skies, and the sun barely peeking against the clouds makes this another panoramic memory that will linger in my mind.

Do you still remember the first time you swam in the beach, or in a river? Or how was your first dive? snorkeling perhaps? or even your first sailing trip?

 Does water really can hold memories as much as our brains do?

This post is in response to this week’s Photo challenge | H2O

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