25 Surprising Facts about living in Germany


Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Germany. Deutschland. Alemanya…

This is the place where I called my second home now. The land famous for its scenic landscapes, Beer and Sausages ( Wurst).Known for its long winters and beautiful Christmas markets.Well,  everyone knows that Germany doesn’t need any introduction about their cars. The name speaks for themselves. BMW. Audi, Porsche, Mercedes- Benz, and Volkswagen .

Before I came here, my knowledge about Germany is so little and living here now, I have found so many odd  (new!) things that I found surprising that eventually becoming a second skin to me.

Just like what they say ;  Wie wollen wir  leben ‘? or  { How do we want to live? } .

The German way. Like for example, do not wish anyone a ‘Happy Birthday’if its not yet their actual Birth date because its considered as Bad Luck!  These things are based on what I have encountered from the locals and observations from day-to-day living here. Most of what I’ve wrote are stereotypical local sightings here in Bavaria, a very traditional German neighborhood.

Here’s a post that I hope would help any Expats learn about  Germans and their way of life.

Pretzel with Würst and Beer -Typically German
  1. There is just so many Wurst (Sausages). So.HUGE selection.From Weisswürst, BrühwurstCurrywürst to Salami and the very well-known Bratwürst. They love pork so dearly.In different sizes and colors and shapes. The cold cuts (Aufschnitt)   and sausage section in the supermarkets are way larger than any areas inside any supermarket I have ever seen in my entire life.
  2. Germans love Sparkling water or Seltzer. They loved to mix it with apple juice, beer & wine.Expect a huge line of mix-up drinks in the beverages section in the supermarket like  Spezi (Cola +Fanta ), Radler ( Beer + Sprite or 7 Up).  In a restaurant, don’t wait for the waiter to serve you water, you won’t get any.Better order a bottled water and you need to say if its carbonated or not.
  3. A Frankfurter or commonly known as Hotdog is actually not the same as Bratwürst
  4. Germans take their Recycling SERIOUSLY. Expect to have at least 4 Bins in your house and learn how to do it properly and correctly. I am still learning and still at my wit’s end many times. When its time for collection, the bins are out there, standing in attention in the sidewalk.Glasses are sorted as per colors. The brown glasses have a separate bin out there, walk a little bit further in your neighborhood and you’ll find it. Nobody throws drinking bottles, its being returned with refund from the supermarket you bought it so you can use on your next purchase.
  5. Saying Hello upon entering a shop and Tchüss ( Bye) upon exiting is like an automatic voice prompt . Not saying these words will give you crazy death stares sent directly at you.
  6. Be quiet on Sundays (Ruhetag) or else…Jeder Tag is Ruhetag!!
  7. Nobody JAYWALKS! No one. Shame on you if you beat the red light.This Little Green Man is the Boss .
  8. Everything is closed on Sundays. Yes, so you better get your supplies on time.The busses barely run,the whole town becomes so silent. It’s tough when you found out you ran out of bread!
  9. There’s no Bagger in the supermarkets in Germany. Expect that the Cashier already finished scanning all your goods even before you grab your wallet and get your bag. Be quick or else you’ll receive  deadly stares from the persons behind you.
  10. Walking is a lifestyle. You walk .Even the old people keeps on walking.Everyone takes a walk, serioulsy, everyday.From the parks or to just around the neighborhood.The dogs are being walked even in the rain. You need to walk everyday. It’s healthy.
  11. Don’t think that all those in the Carrier (Kinderanhaenger farrad) attached in a bike are babies. Some of those are for beloved pets like dogs being taken for a walk in the park .
  12. Oktoberfest is not in October. It’s in September, ends the first weekend of October and it’s also not only celebrated in Munich (however, the Munich one is the largest).
  13. The amount of Public Holidays is so many compared to other countries. This is also depending on the  state you are living in. In Bavaria, they tend to have more.
  14. Germans work when its time for work and relax when its time to relax.
  15. The public transport is excellent. The busses are on time and the trains are reliable . Everything is so convenient from  A to B.All buses have handicap and baby friendly with an assigned place for strollers.So convenient. Even the taxis have child’s car seat handy if there’s a child passenger.
  16. Riding your bicycle becomes your most prefered method of transport from A to B. Children as young as 3 years old learns to ride a bike.
  17. Children in school normally gets out from the classroom and takes morning walks and city tours as part of their school activities. Talk about outdoor education!
  18. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!
  19. Beer! You will drink lots of Beer. Prost!
  20. Germans love to go in Biergarten ( An outdoor seating /garden while drinking beer & enjoying a meal). Even toddlers are welcome to join in there.
  21. Germans apologize for speaking not so fluent English, but in a way they are speaking just well.If you’re an Expat trying out your German skills, expect that they will reply in English!
  22. The Public toilets and bathrooms are  CLEAN. There are baby changing rooms in almost public shops and restaurant.
  23. Don’t forget to bring your own bag, basket or backpack whenever you shop or else you’ll end up paying for each plastic bag you need for your purchases.
  24.  Germans love gardening and making their garden so cozy. No matter how small it is, It’s always nice to see each houses with plants and flowers.
  25.  Nobody loves BBQ more than the German does. Every sunny weekend, expect that you smell grilling right outside from your window.People having BBQ even from the upper balconies. We joined this bandwagon and get ourselves an electric grill too!

So ,what do you think of German living and lifestyle? Do you think you can live here? Have you ever tried their famous ‘Pretzel or Breze ‘ ?

If you knew of anything that seems like a culture shock to you,or clarify anything, feel free to write in the comments below. I would love to hear yours!




8 thoughts on “25 Surprising Facts about living in Germany

  1. It really seems it appears from which region you are. I think north Germans are much more relaxed then the rest 😀
    Anyways I think it should t be “würst” but ” wurst” in the names as I never ever heard about the former one

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really? They are even more relaxed than Bavarians?? Good to know that..
    Well, I think I would agree with you, Its also different when you live in a big city compared to a small village, always a case to case basis.
    The way ‘wurst”is spelled is almost the same as its varieties LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now I checked again, I must say that I never even heard of Seltzer before! Thanks to wikipedia I learned that we in the North use the word Selter, so strange that people from different parts of the same country got different names for the same thing 🙂


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