One fine day in the Desert & Camels | Morning

Whenever you think of Desert, it always comes along with Camels. They are prefect combination. If you have ever been to the Middle East then you would exactly know what I mean.

So one fine morning in July , we drive through the Wafra Farms in Kuwait .Wafra is located in the Southern most part of Kuwait which is almost parallel to the Saudi border. It is part of the  Al-Ahmadi governorate and ironically it sounds, but this place is actually known for its fertile soil and farms. Yes, there are farms in Kuwait! The farms in Wafra are supplied with water from underground lakes.Many locals & Expats drove to Wafra Market to buy fresh vegetables  and have a sidetrip of camel-sightings!

Up close and personal with Camels

My friend had a Kuwaiti friend that owns a farm in Wafra and we were lucky enough to be invited to visit them. The farm has many animals, not just camels. I was particularly interested only in the camels but I found the other animals quite fascinating too. They have goats, sheeps and horses. When I saw the herds of Camels, I was really in awe. I have seen camels while driving along the Desert through the Tower posts and going through Kabd, but seeing them up close is something.

Have you ever tried milking a Camel? or even drink its milk?

The farm smelled of camel dung and manure!

The gentle camels in Wafra farm
They looked so much better closer. | Camels in Wafra

And of course, our trip won’t be complete if we won’t have our usual Diwaniya and our cup of morning Tea.


Tea or Chai in the Wafra Farms in Kuwait

Mornings with Camels and Deserts may not be your usual cup of Tea, but it sure a worthwhile thing to spent a different morning.

Friends, Recently, what’s the off beaten path morning you’ve had so far?


This post is in response to this week’s Photo Challenge |Morning



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