Labyrinth Garden and Wandertag




“The point of a maze is to find its center. The point of a Labyrinth is to find your center . “

A bee is feasting on nectar of the flowers in Labyrinth Garden

Sunday is a ruhetag (day of rest) here in Bavaria and  observed in all Germany. Everyone is having a quiet & serene  sunny rest, and having time for Summer walks and hiking (Wandertag ) is the norm.The scent of the grass is in our skin as we found another new place to explore. We found ourselves in the maze of bushes, colorful flowers, myriad of shrubs and different plants  in a circular path forming like a maze, a puzzle-like wilderness.In the center of it was an Apple tree with colorful  “Dreamcatcher” hanging so nicely.We found ourselves in the Labyrinth Garden!

Labyrinth garden in Klenzepark

In front of it was an old-fashioned water pump, overlooking the river Danube with the peak towers of the Neues Schloss (New Castle ) , the Kavalier Dallwigk , on the other side of it was the Bayerisches Armee Museum , all of this  provide the perfect setting of this garden.There are benches nearby suitable for family picnics, a quiet meditating area, a foot path, and the towering green trees.

Trying to find the center in the Labyrinth 

Walking through the circular paths inside will let you  discover the amazing things around you. You become conscious of other living things that has been a part of your journey of discovery. The plants, the insects, the weeds, the budding flowers, the cobwebs, the earth, all in unison.From the narrow gate with the vines creeping on it, you are welcomed to start a journey of discovery. Its like walking through a circular forest.Your body becomes active, your mind is wandering, your senses are stimulating your spirit. You feel life.You breathe in all these inside you.
They said that  the center of the labyrinth is considered the apex of the path, where death is transformed into new vitality.Do you believe in this phenomenon?

A Dreamcatcher is hanging in the tree planted in the center of the Labyrinth Garden
A wooden post with beautiful paintings and memoirs.


The Labyrinth garden in Ingolstadt was established in 1992 Landesgartenschau as part of Klenzepark on the southern bank of the Danube.They said this project started by  Zurich women who had started an international project with the aim to bring to life again the labyrinth idea at as many places.

The Labyrinth Garden

The form and shape of the garden seen from above reflects the medieval town of Ingolstadt with important landmarks of this old city like  the Kreuztor in the West, the outer and inner ring road, the four city districts with its winding alleys, the Moritz Church and Schliffelmarkt in the center.

Yellow wonderment

The Labyrinth as a symbol used for landscaping a garden is quite fascinating. Even in the early times,the labyrinth is an ancient symbol of humanity.

In the classical Greek Mythology, a labyrinth is  a vast maze built in Crete by Daedalus, at the command of King Minos, to house the Minotaur, a monster, the offspring of Pasiphaë and the Cretan bull, that had the head of a bull on the body of a man.


It can be found at places of worship around the world like in cemeteries in Scandinavia, in churches like the Cathedral of Chartres, with Indians of North America, where women gave their children, at a height stands where today are Lighthouses in the prehistoric parts of ancient Crete in the legend of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur.

Partnership in nature

The message of the labyrinth tells us that, there is only one way, my way, the way of life.It’s like a spiritual journey. You need to find that way.
Today, this special garden is the place for  regeneration of nature. A place to commune and social gatherings are held to strengthen the bond of a community. Locals , guests &  volunteers are welcome to participate and be involved in tending the garden as part of this project.They have a year-long series of events to be held in this place so I am excited to take part in it. I love the whole concept of the Labyrinth garden and its cause. Below are just some of the interesting events coming up .

* Sundays in August: “The early bird catches the worm” Wellness at Eight
* Saturday, August 13, 15 pm: “Grab some blessing the house” herbal Kranzl-binding
(Christine Rottmair u. Johann Dasch)
Saturday, August 20, 17 pm: revalued Ancient knowledge:
* Smoking with local herbs (Sigrid Holzer)
*Sunday, August 21, 18 pm: Symbolism of the labyrinth. Guide with Franz Suchy

Their website is in German & is very informative and you can learn more about them Here. They have a beautiful gallery of photos and I am glad we have something like this nearby. Just in case you live nearby and wanted to volunteer to help out in gardening the maze, Here is their monthly schedule :

Monthly work dates from April: Every 1st Saturday from 9.oo,
Every 3rd Wednesday from 14.00 (June to August. from 9.00)

Another beautiful lesson and insight from Labyrinth Garden. Another day of life.

Thank you for reading and see you again in our next Wandertag!

14 thoughts on “Labyrinth Garden and Wandertag

  1. This place sounds wonderful and blissful. A really interesting post. I’ve never really considered labyrinths before.

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  2. I love how Germans still honor Sunday as their rest day and often go for long walks.
    Labyrinths are intriguing and have a fascinating history. I’ve walked several different forms of the labyrinth, from the simple to the most complex. One of the techniques I was taught to use: if you have a question, ask it quietly at the entrance and then allow the answer(s) to come to you while you are walking. Often, by the time I reach the center, the answer has presented itself.

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  3. Wow..really? It’s great to know that. I need to do that on my next visit.
    Always nice to hear from you Annette,how gave you’ve been doing? Hope all is well.
    Thank you so much for dropping by.

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  4. Yes, give it a try. Ask your question in a mindful manner and then concentrate on your walk and what you notice. No expectations that the answer will come in a particular shape or form. Sometimes, I’ve found an answer in the shape of a tree that grow inside the labyrinth or the behavior of insects as I sat in the center. You never know what will show itself.

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