The Cannons in Neues Schloss


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The face of the massive- war cannons guarding the New Castle in the Bavarian Armee Museum.

These are totally not the ordinary type of cannons!

As mighty as this saying goes ;

“Whoever controlled Ingolstadt, controlled the key to Bavaria”, is true as it means.

The face of the cannons guarding the Neues Schloss in Bavaria | Ingolstadt


Bavarian pride

When we are exploring the quaint city of Ingolstadt, we managed to find our way from the cobbled streets of the city center down to the path leading us to the courtyard of the Neues Schloss or the New Castle. In it was the amazing view of the displayed war cannons .Around the town showcases a unique, open air museum of German fortress architecture that really proves its mighty strength of fortifying their city and a visit to the Bayerisches Armee Museum did not fail us.

In 1418, Ludwig the Bearded laid the foundation stone for the Neue Veste (New Citadel), in the centre of which rises the Neues Schloss or the New Castle which has  17 richly decorated cannons in the castle courtyard reflect the scale of the weapons arsenal at that time.

FullSizeRender (12)
Notable inscriptions on the body of the massive cannons displayed outside Neues Schloss.

Two of the oldest of these exhibits belonging to the Bavarian Army Museum comprise a set of double cannons from the years 1524/25 which go by the names of “Scherer” and “Schererin”. The first weighs 9,690 pounds, the second 9,395 pounds. The Neues Schloss is now home to the Bavarian Army Museum – an exhibition of historical weapons, armaments and pewter figures.

FullSizeRender (20).jpg
Parade of Cannons

Another bit of history learned & worthwhile thing to see here. Now I find this interesting because I tried to compare the design and size to other war cannons that I have seen  from  the ones I have seen in Corregidor and In Kuwait.

Intricate detail of the Cannons

Keep posted for more of our adventures as we continue to pretend tourists here in Bavaria while we are chasing a Toddler and gobbling yummy Pretzel along the Donau. Tschüss!




7 thoughts on “The Cannons in Neues Schloss

  1. Wow I’ve never seen a anything like those cannons. Amazing art work on something that had the potential to cause great harm.


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