Danube River

The Danube with the view of Neues Schloss (18-19th Century)

Back then in Kuwait, I have the view of the Arabian Gulf from our bedroom window and just 10 minutes, we can dip our feet into its shores. It has become our haven.It was great living so close to the beach.

But how nice it is to live so close to one beautiful River? To gaze at its mellow stream? to gaze at its serene flow? I am so grateful that we have the river Donau (Danube) just  5 minutes away from where we live now .

I have seen the Mosel River but the Danube has its own charm.We fell instantly in love with it.Who doesn’t?

The Donau River from Ingolstadt,Germany 

The Danube is the most important stream of Europe. With its 2.857 kilometers from the well in Schwarzwald to the Delta in the Black Sea it is the second largest river of the continent. 2.488 kilometers are navigable and connect 10 neighbor countries namely ; Germany,Austria, Slovakia, Hungrary, Croatia, Serbia,Bulgaria,Romania, Moldavia & Ukraine.

The nature along the Danube changes from hills and wild canyons to flat land. Forests, fields and many river coasts are living space for many animals and plants. Many of the pretty landscapes are verified as National parks and Nature reserves.

I can’t wait to explore more of the wilderness along its banks.

13 thoughts on “Danube River

  1. Yeah, there’s a foot path everywhere and just beside the banks of the Donau.People here cycle most of the time. I had a great walk this morning just gazing at the calm waters of the Danube.


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