The frenzy Toddler Life

Do you have a toddler in the house?

Toddler is an age of wonder, humor and loud meltdowns over palm tree pony tails and spaghetti noodles. In fact, toddler is an age where if you don’t or can’t find the humor in all the little things that can go wrong in a day you will end up crying in the corner before breakfast is over. For me, I only appreciate coffee or tea if its made before my toddler wakes up.

Thankfully ,this stage I believed can be  survived,( As What to expect says so..!)

As I ponder on her toddler days, I can find  wisdom and humor to the generation below her, and hey, I know I am not alone.So, how is your life  been with all the messes?

Have you been bending a lot too?

Who pick-up most of the scattered toys?

For the last 1.5 years, I realized this ; “What is a home without children? ” Quiet. The silence is always golden.

Natalie trying to ride her Papa’s wooden Bike when He was a Toddler himself. A memento for the 2nd generation.

I can know if a household has a toddler or not. Just listen to the loudness of noise or the total absence of it. When you call someone, the crying, shouting, and loud attention seeking tiny human is breathing out her lungs just for you to cut off that call short.

If you have a toddler, its like  having a blender without a top cap over it.Imagine staring down a blender full of berries and knowing you have to start it without the lid. That’s pretty much how I feel every time I have to take my toddler out amongst the general public even for a short 20 minutes —even to the nearby supermarket, you know it’s going to be terrible, but you don’t really have a choice. I cannot risk to let her loose in the aisles or else we’ll be paying for many broken items. Did I mention that all of a sudden she doesn’t want to sit in her stroller?

Kissing frog is old school. Now its Kissing the barks of Trees. Very nature-Friendly Kid.

Silence is golden- unless you have a toddler.In that case, silence is very very suspicious.Be quick, be very very quick to check her out. She might be eating something from the floor or licking the window glass and trying to flatten her nose though it.

That exercise looks adorable though.

It feels great to learn to scribble on my Face !

Toddlers have their own set of rules, and until you can convince them that your way or the highway is really the only set of rules in the house there will be a lot of screaming, yelling and maybe trying to tell you in their own language “HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME GO TO BED AT A DECENT HOUR?”. Spell rebellion. They’re so cute, but they can get SO MEAN. All she wants to do is to run, make a mess, cling to me and repeat the same routine.

She used to loved to devour grapes, but now, she just turn her nose up when she sees it. Has her taste buds suddenly twisted? Toddlers are like mini-versions of drunk people.


My daughter is no exception. For the past few months, I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety, worrying that my child may accidentally kill herself. She stumbles through life on unsteady feet, not paying attention to what is in front of her, off to the next adventure, and she never fails to inadvertently stumble (or rather, crash) into danger. We are always waiting to hear the next bang, boom, screech or howl.I cannot forget the sound when she fell out from her crib.It was horrible thug.

The Frenzy life of a Toddler

I’ve heard many parents of toddlers complain about what a headache they can be. They pee & poop in odd places.  They stumble and fall into things and are basically one giant bruise. They throw tantrums. They refuse to eat their meals. They rip the pages out of their books, Hold on forever to anything that is color blue, eats wood etc.  They won’t sleep in their own beds but rather sleep on the edge! They splash in mud puddles and lick the windows and lick the tires of the stroller & bike. Toddlers are a pain in the ass. It’s just the truth.

As much stress and anxiety as my toddler causes me, most of the time, I can’t help but just laugh… Ahh Toddler Life!

For Mamas & Papas out there who can relate, How’s your  life with a toddler in the house?


17 thoughts on “The frenzy Toddler Life

  1. Ahh! The joys of parenting. 😊 A home with a toddler is always a chaos. It would be a miracle to keep everything in place. Except the kitchen. The kitchen is out of bounds!
    Toddler or not, I think they are designed to be a pain in the ass for a long, long time!😉

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  2. Hahaha.. seems like you’ve had a fair share of Toddler life eh?
    Thanks Ann, your words means a lot and I knew you would relate on this one.
    Yes, they are pain in the ass but certainly, they are the most rewarding phase I would never trade off.

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  3. I miss having a toddler. I remember them at that age. Some really bad and scary times and some fun and carefree times. All you have to do is be right behind them to catch them in case they fall. Unfortunately, as they get older, you realize- you have to let them fall. That’s how they learn.

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  4. I agree with you.. but…but so easier said than done.Like one time I saw my daughter dancing on top of her high chair..I was like, Should I let her go on or should I scoop her immediately because If I don’t, she might think its ok to climb like that and she still gobbling so she could really have a bad fall..
    Oftentimes, I immediately resort to avoid the risk of accident.
    Thanks Liz.I appreciate your presence in my always.

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  5. Exactly Mama!!! Whenever I see Moms with 3 toddlers toddling away with her, I was like; She’s really a superwoman.Now I had great respect for them.Its no joke.Its hardwork,but then you are raising humans so its priceless. Thanks Ann,you & your wonderful comments are always a breath of fresh air to me.


  6. I completely hear you! As they get older- its more of a metaphor for them falling. Not physically. In school work, in relationships with others, that sort of thing- you see the disaster coming and try to tell them but ultimately you have to let them fail. Great example- this weekend- we told our oldest son to wear his hiking boots to the muddy field and not his thin Nike shoes. He would not listen and we knew he would suffer. Sure enough- he was freezing, his feet were numb, they were filled with mud and I said- you see? In a way this is good because next time- you will listen!!!

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