Life in the Sea in Kuwait

Kuwait is more than desert , oil and delicious dates. I have seen beautiful sunsets here & extensive marine culture. Kuwait’s history is closed to the sea .But one thing that is very evident in Kuwait is either the lack of things or the complete abundance of it. Everything is in extremes, just like their love for leisure boats.

Life in the Sea in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the largest leisure boating markets in the Gulf. According to figures from the Kuwaiti Government, there are now an estimated 15,000* registered leisure boats. Kuwaitis have always been sea people and the boat ownership ratio is estimated at one boat for every 44 Kuwaiti nationals and expatriates with higher incomes, a figure that is very high even for developed boating markets in Europe and the United States.


It is a typical scenario for me to see that boats are parked beside their cars in front of their villas. Some has been out there in the dust for times I don’t recall since when. There are many beautiful marinas around here where you can see huge number of boats docked. Here are my personal favorites, which I highly recommend for you to checked out  :  Marina Crescent, Souk Sharq, Al Kout , & The Yacht Club.

Water sports are the most popular activity in Kuwait, with the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, the coral reefs and a multitude of marine life attracting many scuba-divers and snorkelers. The KIM Center at the Hilton gives instruction and can arrange trips to the best dive sites, as well as offer kite boarding, water skiing and kayaking. For canoeing and kayaking, Dive Caroline is another good source for underwater adventure.

If you are a yacht enthusiast and interested to buy one for yourself, you can check out Al Boom Marine for their collection & prime boats & yachts for sale.Al Boom Marine is the biggest distributor and dealer in Kuwait for luxury yachts and pleasure craft; largest number of workshops; marine engines; diving equipment; spare parts and various other marine equipment & accessories. Al Boom Marine has various workshops and showrooms situated throughout Kuwait and caters not only for the recreational market, but also provides its services to commercial as well as various governmental departments and institutions.


Unlike the cozy houseboats along the Amsterdam canals, these boats exudes quite a different face.They are mainly used for leisure purposes and not to live into.The market is almost exclusively an imported one for small boats and yachts with a small network of boat distributors associated with all of the major Gulf boat builders and European and US shipyards. The boating season in Kuwait is from April to September, the opposite of that to the lower Gulf states such as the UAE, Qatar and Oman.


This shot is taken in front of Souk Sharq in Kuwait. This is a famous mall with an adjacent Fish market. On the far end of the promenade you can see these huge amount of boats docked in a rather picturesque view. It’s quite a sight to see different types of boats & yachts with the view of some of the prominent towers in Kuwait like the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Al Hamra Tower & Kipco Tower.You can also see from this side the area where the traditional fishing boats are docked. If you want to see how the fishermen unload their fresh catch of the day then this is just the right place.Many Expats frequented this place to get their favorite fish sold in the Fish market nearby.


These boats are Kuwait’s national pride. It reflects their personality & rather lavish lifestyle. Some of the private collection of yachts are displayed during the prestigious Yacht show in Marina Crescent yearly. If you wanna have a glimpse of how the event looks like & how sleek the boats on display then you can check it out here.


During the hot summer days, fishing & going on a boat trip is one the great things to beat the heat. The fishing excursion & boat trips can easily be arranged through the wide array of company who have boat rentals .


If you’re an Expat living in Kuwait or you have visitors &  ever want to rent a boat for the day or go fishing in Kuwait, then this site is for you. FishFishME offers boat rentals and fishing trips for Kuwait and the GCC. Each boat comes with its own experienced driver, and they range from 25 footers to 33. You can rent the boats either from Kuwait City (at Souq Sharq) or from Khairan.

Their prices are very reasonable, starting from KD 25 for a 25 foot boat that carries up to 4 people to Kd 80 for a 33 footer that accommodates up to 12. Trips last 6 hours, and can be booked either for a morning or an evening tour. You can use the boats to go fishing, cruise the sea, or visit Kuwaiti islands.Booking have to be made in advance. You can check out their site for more details on how to book or call Abdullah on Tel. 67665606. 

Sailing and power boating are also favorite pastimes in Kuwait, with glorious views of the desert landscape from the Gulf an added bonus. Trips to a traditional fishing dhow are offered by SAS Sl-Gazeer Voyages, and ferries run daily to Failaka Island from the Marina Crescent Yacht Basin. Nuzha Touristic Enterprises offers yachts with or without skippers down the calm waters.

If you want to look further for fishing trips & boat rental facilities in Kuwait, then you can check it out Here.





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