Malcapuya Island-Accidentally In love

Island Hopping in Malcapuya Island

I fell in love at first sight to this island. Accidentally!

Malcapuya island is part of  the Calamianes group of islands and basically one of the hottest tourist spot in Palawan. Malcapuya island, together with the other islands of Calamianes, was a site of the Spanish politico-militar Provincio de Calamianes during the reign of the Spaniards. Later, it was dissolved by the American occupation forces and Calamianes was later joined to the Province of Palawan.

We were supposed to be going to the Banana island but our guide informed us that for some reasons, the island is not accessible and we are going to another beach as part of our Island Hopping trip. I visited Palawan with 3 or my girlfriends and we are so glad that we have made the decision to choose this place. It was beautiful. I couldn’t find any more words to describe this place. Just look at these photos . A real paradise tucked away in an endless horizon of azure,peaceful scenery.



Malcapuya Island is one of the Island destination if you visited Coron,Philippines. This private island can only be accessed through the island trip arranged by the tour company and approximately 1.5 hours away from Coron. This island is owned by the Hennan Group of Resorts and regarded as the ultimate virgin beach, and it’s white sand beach can rival Boracay’s very own. The water that surrounds the island is crystal clear and almost like the morning sky with plenty of coral reef and offers a good  marine biodiversity where one can have the most enjoyable snorkeling destination. It has a very fine white sand ( better than Boracay!) and has the image of a virgin, untouched & genuine beach landscape. While you can enjoy the beach up to sky is the limit, the landscapes around Malcapuya could also leave you breathless. You can do a short hike & trek along its rough cliff and edges where you can have a great view overlooking the sea.

I could live in this place. It’s pure bliss just to look how blue the waters is against the cloudless skies.


This little tree that managed to thrive on the edge of the cliff overlooking the Malcapuya beach. A real stunner. This is the most photographed part of the cliff.

White and fine as a powder sand shores in Malcapuya

We stayed in a beach cottage with a hammock where we have a direct access of the beachfront. We enjoyed our lunch and just lazed around admiring our amazing view.  If you wanted to stay overnight, they have nipa hut cottages or you can bring your own tent to set up.

There are two restrooms with open air showers a few meters away from the huts.The island does not have electricity, but they have a generator which provides light and electricity at night.There are outlets in the huts where you can charge phones and camera batteries.You can also opt to stay in a simple house-for-rent on an elevated portion a few meters from the shoreline, which has a single room, basic yet comfortable beds, and a decent restroom.

For backpackers, Here are your must-haves when visiting this island : insect-repellent lotion, a hammock, beach blanket, flashlight, basic toiletries, sunblock, snacks, drinking water. Make sure to stash these items in your backpack.

There’s a small sari-sari store on the island where chips, drinks & beer are sold. However, it’s best to bring your own food for cooking for dinner if you’re staying overnight.The best meal of our whole trip  was the freshly grilled fish,  on the beach prepared by our guide from Mt.Tapyas Hotel along with a freshly picked coconut with its juice.

Fell in love accidentally-it could happen to you, just like a travel bug hits me. When you return to your home, everything seems strange, then you start to look forward for your next trip.

This is my  entry for Day- 5  on the challenge posed to me by Stella of the Blog SimpleDimple in response to her 7-Days Nature photo challenge. Stella  has always been bubbly &, spreading warm love in the great community here in WP. If you have time, please do pass by her page & get to know her through her soulful posts.

Stella, Thank you once again for  mentioning me in your post and giving this challenge.

*The rule of this challenge is quite simple: Post a nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days.

For today, I wanted to nominate on this Nature photo challenge  my gorgeous Blogger friend, Minaxi of GameplanhappilyeverAfter. Yes, even her name is so unique!

She is one of the Expat Bloggers that I met here that really shares her bubbly adventures along with his hubby. Fairy tale love still exists and her love story is one living example.She takes you to a light tone on her creative approach in life, travelling, relationships & living the most of her life. Even without this challenge, I would always look up to her page and would recommend for you to give time to check her awesome but dreamy Blog.

She makes me smile with her kind comments & provocative posts, so I know she’s a keeper!

To Minaxi, I know time is precious in our world, but if you would take on this challenge, I would appreciate it so much.If not, I still want you to know how much I appreciate you.

Thank you and I hope you have fun & enjoy the next 7-days writing about nature.



11 thoughts on “Malcapuya Island-Accidentally In love

  1. The water and sky is the brightest shade of blue. Philippines looks like such a wonderful country to visit. Sigh! I wonder if we’re ever going to cover all the countries on our bucket list and the new ones we come across. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post, Christina. 🙂

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  2. My thoughts exactly Cheryl..sometimes I’m thinking there are sooo many places to go..seeing your wonderful travel posts also makes me delirious..:)
    Thank you for appreciating.
    Sending warm thoughts along your way & safe travels on your next adventure..

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  3. Wow. The photos look exactly like Maldives or maybe even better !! Mesmerizing ones Christina 🙂
    And the update in my wordpress account of your comment today, totally made my day!!! I was jumping with joy for a few seconds that such a wonderful blogger like you mentioned me in one of her posts and recommended me with the nicest words possible ❤ I loved the challenge and surely I will be on it as soon as I have a little more time squeezed into my schedule. Please excuse me 🙂 Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity and for your kind words ❤

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