A Dutch Farmhouse {Boerderij}

A Dutch Humble Farmhouse : Red Doors, Black Roof & Brick walls (2015) in Full color.

Local Sightings – A Striking Dutch Farmhouse

F A R M   O F   T H E   H E A D -B O D Y  T Y P E

 On exploring the countryside of Holland, I found this beautiful farm which turns out to be one of the pride of this place.This farm house belong to the estate of  Almelo. The farm  is designed &commissioned by the Count of Rechteren Limpurg in around 1939 by Architect Jan Jans, an architect with his designs made ​​much use of traditional Twente elements. The farm is north of the Gravenallee outside the moat (canal ) around the castle but in the sight of it, with the back towards the castle. On the back is the entrance to the yard, a wooden fence between pillars Bentheim sandstone. This head-body type is constructed of red brick under saddle roofs with black glazed Dutch tiles. The gables are shot, the right windows closed lower stretch are covered with shutters .  The façade  of the house is articulated by two Negenruits ( Nine small windows ) sliding windows on the ground floor and two zesruits ( 2 six small windows ) windows in the gable. Between them is a sandstone made ​​with the coat of arms of Almelo.


5 thoughts on “A Dutch Farmhouse {Boerderij}

  1. My friend- I have been MIA because my Tia Chica passed away in Mexico City and I flew out there to see her one last time and say goodbye. I am itching to write about my adventures as you can imagine. Anyhow- I met up with my cousin Cynthia who I told about your blog she is an expat in Holland- you guys should definitely meet! I told her to subscribe to your blog. I hope she does. 🙂 This is beautiful. I love the architechture.

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  2. Hey Hey! You’re back, I was already beginning to wonder where are you & how you’ve been.Sorry to hear about your Tia Chica. Thank you for thinking about me, I appreciate it a lot. It’s good that you are back now..I look forward to your stories in your posts. I am busy preparing for our move..time flies..still so much things to do.


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