Only in Kuwait : National Water Gun Spraying Day

Two Days of Terror

Here we go again,  In a few days its the National Water Gun Spraying Day in Kuwait. The Two days of Terror !

Unfortunately, we live almost 10 minutes away from the Arabian Gulf, I could see from our bedroom window the long coast of the beach and during this holiday, The Gulf road becomes a battleground during the celebration of National Day & Liberation Day  in Kuwait. Battleground for what?

The Gulf strip is known to be one crazy Battleground for car-maniac driving & being attacked by water gun- spraying teenagers ( Sorry, also adults included !)

If you think that this looks & sounds fun, then hold on for a minute. It’s not. 20 years ago, Kuwaitis celebrates the National Day & Independence day (February 25-26 )   by commemorating their liberation from Iraqi invasion. Kuwait TV airs shows that depicts the memories of the war & the celebration is focused mainly on nationalistic pride activities such as throwing party confettis in the air and having the nationalistic parades. Everything is synchronized harmony. Its a celebration where everyone can have a great time without any harm & injury. Its something that both young & old look forward to see, and to spend outdoors. The whole family can look forward to a weekend  holiday with full of fun, colorful carnivals & parades and can drive safely & go home in one piece. That was a history.

Kuwait Liberation & National day

Kuwaitis wanted more fun.

This day had been notorious for spraying foam on your cars while driving.  If you’re an Expat or just a normal pedestrian walking in the street, you might be their next & favorite target.  A not-so-good kind of Fun that results in injuries and damage. Fortunately, the MOI ( Ministry of Interior ) had banned the use of this foam & impose strict fines. But then, Kuwaitis have re-invented the game.This day turned into a National Water gun spraying Day. I’m telling you, you don’t want to make mess with these kids & teenagers who line up in the street to give you a bath and attacked you. I see this as a form of attack since they do it deliberately, with the intention of doing their thing without thinking the consequences. Last year, I was so dumb to bring out my baby to take a stroll in the beach. It was crazy! They literally would open your car windows and shoot you with their foams and it becomes worst that they even re-invent the foam, they opt to use spray paint. More & more people are complaining about the problem caused by this. Nobody is happy with this 2 days of terror.Except maybe the vendor of water guns.Its the season where their sales goes on high. No wonder so many opt to travel out of the country during this holidays or better, staying in indoors.

Shooting Kids : Typical Fun during Liberation Day

I don’t know but this is not just my idea of fun. National Day definitely doesn’t give you the freedom ticket to harm anyone just because you think its your way of having fun & the norm of celebration. For those of you who are new to Kuwait then you might find this fascinating since this is new to your eyes.Be warned though. Just make sure you are well prepared when you leave your home.

As an Expat here, I am with Kuwait wholeheartedly , congratulating the whole nation for another year of Freedom. I wish that we could have a deeper sense of appreciating this country without the loud & harmful water toy gun & sprays.

Kuwait Expat Survival Tip :

  1. Don’t be a moron and be a  reckless street sprayers lined up along Gulf Road attacking even small children & babies.
  2. Think before you spend that 5 KD on that water toy gun. Is it really worth it?
  3. Don’t ever think of going to Gulf Road. Aside from the Relentless Sprays, it will be jam packed & lots of traffic.
  4. It will be a long weekend, and there are lots of activities & worthwhile celebration going on around Kuwait, find where you will have a sense of relaxation.

Happy Liberation Day Kuwait! Mabrook !



6 thoughts on “Only in Kuwait : National Water Gun Spraying Day

  1. It’s a shame that what could be a great day of the community coming together for family activities has turned into this mayhem. It wouldn’t be my idea of fun either.


  2. i loved this when i was a kid in kuwait. even cops played along, once i didnt have any foam with me so a cop gave me his.


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