Be Still (Chronicles of Lessons from the Beach Pt.4)

”    T h e     Q  u i e t e r    y o u   b e c o m e  ,  T  h  e   m o r e   y  o  u  c a n  H e a r       ”   ~Rumi

Finding Peace & Tranquility in Puerto Galera, Philippines

B e   S t i l l

This stage in my life right now  calls for a deeper sense of Being Still. Now this doesn’t mean that I will become immobile and motionless. On the contrary, it would be the opposite. The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me &  my family.  I felt the waves of Changes are engulfing us and bringing us again to the mighty   & vast hole of the uncertainties.  Can you relate to the feeling of being in the state of  momentary helplessness  once again? That the only strength you can rely on is your own self. Whenever I see my daughter, I felt inspired. She moves me everyday. For those of you who are Expats, I’m sure you can relate to what I’m feeling. Moving to another country and starting again a new life sure sounds exciting. But I cannot deny that within me, I felt a bit of anxiety. This anxious feeing that is robbing my joy. I tell you, going through the journey of moving from one continent to another could still be a daunting experience. I am an Expat now & I’m saying this..again.

It’s very typical for our human nature to Think through our problems. To weigh the pros and cons and analyze the facts. Being a Mother , I have been in this state many many times, & I’m still in this.  My husband thinks that I worry a lot. This approach to problem solving has proven benefits.But on the other hand, I have learned a different approach :  To ask and listen.

Whenever I’m having my “Me-Time “ where I usually have a chance to find myself in a peaceful surrounding like the nearby beach in where I lived, I have been able to connect to a deeper source of wisdom than my  so-analytical brain. The brain is a wonderful resource but it has limited awareness. On the other hand, when I ask the universe to guide me,  as I open to deeper levels of awareness and understanding,  this eventually transcend the limited mind alone. I find it so amazing to have a reflection like this.

Now Why do I wanna share this?

 If there is a big  decision that you need to make,  consider the facts but then ask the universe for assistance and guidance and then quiet your mind so that you can hear the whispers of spirit that are all about you. This is the whole concept of “Be Still “.

Life becomes quite interesting when you learn to ask and listen and allow yourself to be guided down the path that is most appropriate for you. Again, the analytical mind is useful but has its limitations.

Í’m grateful that I have found another worthy Life Lessons from the Beach as I go through my life, what about you? Do you have any Life lessons that you’ve been learning lately?

What is your approach when you are in the situation that you need to make a bold decision like moving to another country? changing jobs ? or finally going after that personal dream?

Let me know how does this post made you feel.

3 thoughts on “Be Still (Chronicles of Lessons from the Beach Pt.4)

  1. Great timing! I’m going through something right now – a kind of period of solitude that is helping me to understand what I really want from my life & commit to my dream of writing (which I’ve been dabbling in for ages).. Could say much more but love your approach of ‘asking and listening.’ I meditate most days and feel it’s providing me with some of the answers Mary 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for taking time to reflect on this Mary..I totally feel you. I’m glad that this post came as relatable as it should be. Readers like you encourages me that my situation is normal and others can feel what I’m going through. Sending warm thoughts for you from me here.

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